Traffic accidents

and civil liability

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e advise people who have had a traffic accident and offer them support throughout the process with a view to obtaining the maximum compensation possible. This we can do because we are independent and do not work for any insurance company. Our sole purpose is therefore to protect the interests of the individual.

We also ensure that the injured party, who may be the driver, the passenger or a pedestrian, is protected at all times against insurance company infrastructures and compensated for damages suffered on account of a traffic accident for which he or she is not responsible and which has disrupted his or her life. We meanwhile process damage caused to the vehicle and material losses arising from the traffic accident.

We inform you regarding the cover in your vehicle insurance policy.

We also claim life insurance policy linked to the vehicle policy, if the driver or passenger should be killed because of a traffic accident, plus accident and other insurance associated with bodily damage.

From January 1, 2016 comes into force the law 35/2015 which is the new scale of assessment of damages derived from traffic accidents.


Follow these recommendations in case of traffic accident.

  • You must remain calm and ensure that all persons involved in the accident are in perfect condition.
  • Call 112.
  • In the event of any injuries, you have to call the police or the Mossos d’Esquadra immediately to a crowded lift.
  • Fill accident report signed by both parties.
  • Try taking the data of all witnesses who witnessed the accident.
  • During the seven days of the accident, Inform your insurance company.
  • Never accept compensation for damages without first consulting an experienced traffic accidents and liability lawyer.
  • All documents relating to the accident, both those related to vehicle damage, such as those relating to personal injury you have suffered (parts of accident casualties, reports, medical records, plates, tacs, etc.) The need to save. That will be the basis for future claims.
  • If you are the driver of the vehicle (unless it is responsible for the crash, an occupant of the same, a simple pedestrian or a cyclist is entitled to compensation.
  • It can be done from the final discharge.

Alcohol levels and drrug tests



rink driving criminal penalties: driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable in criminal law if the level of alcohol in the breath exceeds 0.60 milligrams per litre (equivalent to 1.2 grams per litre of blood), regardless of whether or not an accident has occurred. As such a crime is punishable in criminal law, the driver is given a quick or ordinary trial and must be defended by a lawyer.

If the driver is involved in a traffic accident, this offence can also give rise to other charges such as injury and manslaughter, etc. and may also yield damages for civil liability. We are specialists in cases of drink driving.

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